Facial Temperature screening Kiosk - Detects Temperature, Mask Use and more!

June 22, 2020

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HUSHIDA offers wonderful new technology to keep your employees and customers safe with minimal effort and costs. Here is how it works, the 8 inch iPad device has a camera that will measure a person's temperature within 1 second even if that person is 5 feet away. It will also detect if they are wearing a face mask. No more touching someone's forehead with a cheap thermometer.


Non Contact Temperature Kiosk with Face Mask Detector fromHUSHIDA Helps Keep You and Your Customers solution New Non-Contact Temperature Kiosk available now for under $500.

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With the rising demands for health and safety procedures, the need to screen employees for illness has increased. Temperature Screening Kiosks accommodate those needs by acting as a first line of defense to your company's health. With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact kiosks help identify the presence of fever as a symptom of contagious illnesses such as coronavirus. By preventing the spread of viruses, you can maintain a safe and healthy workplace while providing peace-of-mind to anxious staff, students, visitors and the general public. The person walks up to the device and stands within 3 feet to obtain body temperature. If an elevated temperature is detected, an alarm will go off.


100% Guarantee and 1 Year Full Warranty.
· Schools
· Office Buildings
· Retail Stores
· Restaurants
· Subway and Bus Stations


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