5/8/10.1 inch Body temperature measurement solution temperature detection device

June 15, 2020

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HUSHIDA is an AI-based dual camera thermal + computer vision screening system that can be utilized by enterprises to help people stay safe during epidemics.
Powered by multiple world-class AI models, the system can accurately detect and alert on potentially dangerous temperature levels combined with PPE, occupancy, and social distancing compliance. This is a ready-to-deploy system, integrating all key elements: sensors, AI computing device with pre-loaded software, and a touch screen for monitoring & control.


Temperature screening of visitors and employees can be an effective method for helping to stop viruses and illnesses in a facility before they start. HUSHIDA offers two non-contact temperature checking solutions—the AI500,AI800 and AI1000 to help identify visitors and employees who may have an elevated temperature, to ensure they get further screening before potentially exposing others.non-contact temperature checking


For controlled screening, the AI500/ AI800 and AI1000 is a face recognition body temperature detector . Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, it adopts a single IR (infrared) sensor for temperature identification, which can be used to check either the forehead or wrist before each person passes through. Lightweight and portable with simple operation,The real-time, LED display shows body temperature, with visual alarming for abnormal temperatures over a preset threshold. An audible alarm also alerts to an elevated temperature. Temperature detection precision is ±0.3℃. Options for the AI800 include the addition of a second sensor for sensing at a lower height, face recognition for access control.





• Instantaneous temperature. Reading time less than 1 second, capable of handling large amounts of traffic

• Advanced infrared image sensor, accuracy ≤0.3°F, detection distance 2.5~5ft

• Wrist temperature. When measuring, there is no need to remove the mask or hat.

• Use the battery, you can use the power bank to charge

• Customizable temperature. Threshold, immediate "processing/waiting" instructions and verbal feedback

• Flexible installation method, can be used for various building entrance types, through gates, doorways, etc.

• Support facial recognition for recording and access control


As businesses across the country are planning to reopen, keeping employees safe is the top priority of their return-to-work strategies. HUSHIDA provides 5 inch body Temperature Reading solutions to help companies deliver a safe environment and get back to work safely.


The HUSHIDA solution can screen body temperature in less than 1 second and keep moving people quickly. It is complete plug & play with no IT integration required. Available with desk stand, floor stand, wall mount and more options, it is ideals for offices, factories, hotels, movie theatres, super markets and more.


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